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My name is Helen Johnson. I am the Students’ Support Officer of the great Intercontinental University, Africa (ICUA). The University is an institution of the world class distinction for intellectual development and professionalism worldwide; it is an institution of choice for international development with technical support from our partner institutions from different countries and continents particularly the famous Mahatma Gandhi University, Rwanda with Campuses in Rwanda, India and USA.

ICUA has an excellent team of world class Professors (academics and professionals) among our resource persons as lecturers, tutors and instructors with good network of teaching facilities which spread across many countries of Africa, America, Europe and UK as well as Asian countries. Hence, ICUA operations have no boundary as the University caters for the interests of both staff and students without discrimination irrespective of color, race or religious beliefs.

My office is open to all students, and particularly the incoming ones, from 8.00am to 4.30pm and from Monday to Friday every week. I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to our Campus, and I hope that you will enjoy and benefit from your experience here. You will, I am sure, have many questions about the University and perhaps our program. Some of these questions will be answered here. For likely others, please channel your questions to us through any of our contact addresses including the use of surface mails, telephones and e-mails.

Please do not feel awkward about asking questions. No one expects you to understand everything about ICUA or the University education in general. So please do not hesitate to ask if you are not sure about anything that bothers your mind whether academic or even otherwise.

So, I use this medium to welcome you to the great ICUA where the African, British and American education systems are combined and blended to suit your purposes! If you're in the process of researching Colleges and Universities where you can balance your current life experience and responsibilities with your desire to earn a quality degree, you've come to the right center of academic excellence! At ICUA, our educational approach is designed around the realities and challenges of today's busy lifestyles.

For many years, we have been helping students gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue the next level of their professional development. At ICUA, we understand personal and professional responsibilities can make finding the time to study a real challenge, so we designed Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral and Postdoctoral degree and diploma programs that provide students with an extraordinary amount of control over how, when and where they study. With our Campuses across the world and the award-winning online Virtual Campus, we are prepared to support your every step of the way as you acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence that go hand in hand with earning an industry-current degree!

We also welcome participation from individuals and groups worldwide in ICUA operations so that we may jointly nurture, elevate and develop intellectual potentialities of our people wherever they may be and whatever the nature of their professional careers! Hence, if you wish to be our Partner Institution or just our Agent/Representative in your locality, please do not hesitate to contact us, and I promise you will find us very interesting and attractive to work with.

The information in this website is to the best of my knowledge correct, though may not be necessarily complete at the time of publishing it. However, it should be appreciated that changes can, and in fact do, occur particularly to courses, tuition fees and other charges. We should be pleased to receive your comments on this website and suggestions for information not included but which you would have found useful.

Have a nice stay in ICUA!

Helen Johnson

Students’ Support Officer


History Of The University

Despite the fact that there are a number of tertiary educational institutions in many African countries, the demands for higher education in the continent has always been on the increase. This is because the rush for acquisition of knowledge in various disciplines is expected to continue, at least, in the next foreseeable future. Read More

Philosophy Of The University

ICU is a multipurpose friendly community where the rights and privileges of all members irrespective of their race, color, nationalities and affiliations in terms of religious beliefs shall be respected. The programs are designed to improve the knowledge and competence of human resources in various aspects of life as well as to convert those...Read More

Language And Mathematics

This arm of the University is where General English (GE) and English for Educational Purposes (EEP) are taught. These programs are designed for those students in need of improvement in their English Language skills prior to the actual commencement of their academic and/or professional education or as part of their education in the University..Read More

Multilingual System Of Edu.

ICU supports individuals and organizations worldwide advocating multilingual systems of education. In actual fact, we in the ICU are working toward a situation in the near future when many of the African job seekers will be filling up vacancies in other continents such as Asia, Europe, Americas, etc as they would be comfortable with speaking...Read More

Breaking News

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